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Why should my company put together a Land Information Management System / Geographic Information System?

  • By implementing and maintaining a Land Information Management System you can prioritize which parcels of land are being used that are without the benefit of rights. Important decisions can then be made to determine if rights need to be obtained or if a service can be relocated.
  • Failure to maintain your title integrity can result in lost revenues to the corporation and inappropriate land use. Act now to resolve unauthorized occupation giving priority to situations with significant revenue or permanent title implications. There is also a potential liability that is associated when your lands are being used.
  • Fundamental to all land management activities is comprehensive and accurate knowledge of the land resources and their uses. The availability of this information facilitates efforts toward all other objectives.

Key points that must not be overlooked!!

  • In implementing a Land Information Management System to operational status in all areas, you are able to complete data entry quickly and ensure continued data accuracy.
  • Create appropriate data standards for land title/land use information that facilitates continued progress towards data integration and automation with the goal of linking your Land Information Management System to a map.
  • Manage the land for long-term advantage rather than for short-term expediency.
  • Make your data more accessible and ultimately of more value to you and your stakeholders.

We have been working with clients and developing Land Information Management Systems for them for over 25 years!!