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We have monitored several structures including new builds on Bridges used as Public Roadways and others used for Trains. We monitor Dams, Retaining Walls, I-Beams and Settlement Rods.

We have also monitored buildings while the downtown St. Catharines area has been in the process of being revitalized and while the Performing Arts Centre was being constructed.

Reflective targets are installed and the effects of construction on adjacent buildings can be monitored.

We are able to measure 1 millimeter accuracy and advise in Real Time the results.

Using our Leica Total Station we are able to accurately measure a variety of structures that could possibly be impacted by your development. This also allows us to provide highly accurate results of continuously monitored locations, which puts safety first for the owner, constructor and public.

On our most recent Monitoring Project, we were Safety set-up in the Active Work Zone. This allowed us to be close to the areas of concern, allowing for greater accuracies. Our Leica Total Station was always set up to 0.000 metres. We then proceeded to measure the location of a number of monitoring points. Our data was uploaded real-time every day on site. The data was quickly and easily reviewed with the monitoring software to ensure that Safety Levels were always verified. This allowed the owner to be responsible and put Safety First. A comfort level that needed to be maintained.