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Does water flow up hill?

Our company has completed an extensive review of over 260 First Order Geodetic Elevations throughout the Niagara Region, and you would be surprised at the results we found!


Niagara Region

eBee Drone We are always trying to stay current and move forward in our field of work. We are currently working towards a new phase with UAV/Drone Technology. We have recently purchased a Drone and will be able to assist clients in many different ways. Through use of our Drone we are able to achieve large coverage with Photogrammetric Mapping. Using RTK capabilities allows us to have survey grade accuracy from the air.

Arden Kroeker, H.Ba GIS, Pg Cert. GIS-GM

The Larocque Group is pleased to announce that Arden Kroeker is our new Drone Specialist utilizing UAV technology for surveying projects. Arden graduated from Western University in 2012 and completed her post graduate certificate at Niagara College in 2013. Having a technical and geographic background Arden has ensured that our UAV division is Transport Canada compliant and always current with latest UAV regulations and technologies. Arden was born and raised in the Niagara Region and is very familiar with the Geography of this area. Arden lives here with her husband and family. We are very excited to have Arden as part of our UAV Drone crew.

Where no GPS has gone before!
Our highly experienced and expertly trained survey teams use GPS, Robotic and Conventional surveying technology to perform any type of land surveying project, from contractor support GPS Machine Control Information Management to construction layout of site and building improvements to ALTA Boundary/Topographic Surveys to Subdivision Record Mapping, route surveying and much more...

Derek Brunet, BASc, P.Eng.

The Larocque Group is pleased to have Derek Brunet, BASc, P.Eng. as an integral part of our AutoCAD and Technology Team. Derek graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2006. He has extensive knowledge of AutoCAD 2015, drafting and 3D modelling in various platforms. He is instrumental insuring our projects are done accurately and efficiently. Derek has worked and lived in the Niagara Region for most of his life.
Leica Geosystems
Skyline In striving to give our clients the best in customer service and accuracy we have installed a Leica GPS / Glonass Reference Station. This allows our crews to achieve Real Time Kinematics (RTK) in the field and ensures the integrity of the data. The reference station is more accurate, more powerful, more versatile and more reliable than ever before!!
Station2 In conjunction with the GPS / Glonass Reference Station, our crews are using the RTK GPS Leica SmartAntenna. The SmartAntenna is a lightweight computerized system with a controller that includes Windows CE and Bluetooth wireless technologies. It also has SmartTrack and SmartCheck features. This allows us to acquire all visible satellites within seconds, measure under trees and in areas of interference and at low elevations while ensuring centimeter accuracy in our measurements by obtaining low residuals.
satellite If your project requires the use of a Total Station our crews have the Leica TS15 and the Pinpoint R400 Imaging Total Station for fast, continuous, high-accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability. The TPS is reflectorless which allows us to measure to wall corners, inaccessible objects, façades, rock faces, in fact any feature that is difficult to set up a reflector.
By using both of these systems it allows us to easily interchange the data between the two!!!
We have been using AutoCAD since 1993 and have created over 5000 files. Our company is using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015, for our computerized drafting. This allows the free flow of information between ourselves and other professionals on your team as, together, we develop your project. The importance of having reliable and usable CAD drawings is paramount whether your venture is $10,000.00 or $10,000,000.00
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The Teraview software is a gateway into Ontario's land registration system. The Teraview gateway allows us to retrieve real property information. We are able to perform title searches in our office. We have the ability to view and print documents and official parcel registers. For our utility clientele we can create and submit easement documents for registration.
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