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Your Development is our priority



We have a proven track record that shows we have the experience to get your Residential or Commercial Condominium through the necessary approvals and registered in a timely fashion.

Not only will we Manage your Project, we will also handle the Surveying aspect too. Our team of Professionals has experience throughout the Niagara Region and into Hamilton and Toronto.

We have a well-established reputation for providing high quality, professional consulting advice related to surveying to assist the developer. We provide an organized, detailed approach to all projects with emphasis on meeting deadlines on every project we undertake.

Our Firm Strives To Drive our client's projects forward through our understanding of complex social, legal and economic issues.

We offer planning and consulting for your project, including solutions to issues from inception of the project until registration (completion).


The Larocque Group can provide consulting related to development services from site viability to completion of your project. We convene meetings to canvas public opinion on planning matters. We are able to analyze information from many sources and prepare reports that advise politicians and other decision-makers. We work with developers and homeowners in managing the Province of Ontario’s land and resources. We can assist with balancing the interests of an individual property owner while looking at the impact on the community as a whole. Through all of these facets we assist with providing good orderly growth. We make the difference in helping provide the community that we all want – Smart Growth.

Our firm has extensive experience in preparing and representing our clients for Applications for: Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments; Subdivisions; Condominiums; Site Plan Agreements; Land Severances; Minor Variances and Building Permits. We subsequently deal with satisfying the requirements that your application is conditional upon receiving approval. Our familiarity with the types of conditions and the requirements for clearance of the conditions through the many different agencies assists us in expediting your project. Specifically, we provide consulting services to obtain clearances and expedite registration of the project on all of the following:

- Subdivision Agreements

- Condominium Agreements

- Official Plan and Zoning Amendments

- Emergency accesses, road widenings and fire lanes, etc. cleared through Municipal & Regional Governments and the Ministry of Transportation

- Archeological Assessments cleared through the Ministry of Culture

- Environmental Impact Study cleared through both Regional and Municipal levels of the Government

- Noise Study cleared through MOE, Regional and Municipal Governments and other affected agencies

- Environmental Site Assessments, Phases 1, 2 & 3; and Record of Site Condition, cleared through MOE and Regional and Municipal Governments

- Geotechnical Study clearances by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, the Regional and Municipal Governments, and other related agencies

- Landscaping and Site Plans (both on new sites and updated sites), clearance through the Regional and Municipal Governments and other related agencies

- Electrical Servicing and Easements, clearance and approval through the appropriate electrical authority and Municipal Government

- Clearance of other conditions related to Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, Canadian National Railway, etc.